Custom Orthotics

Does the Simple Act of Walking Cause You Severe Pain?

As you already know, our feet and ankles can cause severe aches, pains, and worse. One minute you feel fine, and the next – you can barely walk. At Pro Comfort Medical, we know exactly what you are going through. If you haven't tried custom orthotics yet, you are missing out on serious pain relief.
We are highly trained in implementing a proper fit for foot orthotics. You can rely on our staff to work with you a personal level to help you find the right orthotics for your specific needs. Stop by our shop at your soonest convenience. Walk-ins are always welcome!


We offer the following types of orthotics

  • Polypro
  • Carbon Fiber

*Customers must have Medicare and Straight Medicaid. We also accept PPO's depending on your plan.